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5 Best Emotional Jewellery Ads by Caratlane and Tanishq(Specially for woman) must watch

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5 Best Emotional Jewellery Ads by Caratlane and Tanishq(Specially for woman)

Credit :
CaratLane #EveryDayLove
Tanishq # Aao manaaye tanishq wali diwali

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  1. J S

    I get that jewelry is not something most of us buy for our loved ones all the time- but these commercials are beautifully made- especially the “Dilwalon ki Diwali”- it’s easy to make spectacular ads with gorgeous, young people. That one stands out because most of the people in there are older- there’s something about reminding us that your desires and aspirations don’t die out, just because you’re not a young, twenty-something anymore, that makes it so heartwarming!

  2. Stuti Pathak

    In the first ad, don’t you think she intentionally starts ordering as soon as the lunch break starts ? 😜 I mean order beforehand and from a good place. Chant aurat 🤭🤭 she just wanted to eat from the dabba. 😅

  3. sulagana biswas

    Very sweet but unrealistic. I have gifted almost all my close friends jewellery but now with the state of the economy, and price of gold, I don’t know if I can buy jewellery for anyone

  4. Anwar Masihuddin

    ))))))))))) *Until Media didn’t come forward with serious talk, such stupid issues running on and on in our Public Domain* .

    *Can We change our Creator work?* , expecting the baby from Male gender instead of Female.

    *Our Country India* , every Indian is involved in religious sentimental-activity directly or indirectly from child to parents since from birth to die. Why not we Indians have right to know about their religion teaching from their Holy Book.

    *Until our Media didn’t show* , what is the difference between religious teaching and man-made culture and lifestyle.

    Kindly-note-our-Creator-teaching always makes us good and successful, *all the nonsense exist outside of the holy book* .

  5. Sarah Bhargava

    Some people might think India is bad and doesn’t have good festivals
    Well you’re wrong, it’s a beautiful place but a little dirty and populated and It has awesome festivals, festivals that people care about, and wanna enjoy it by expressing their love and gifting great things to the people they love

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