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Amitabh Bachchan Shweta Bachchan Ad Kalyan Jewellers

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Amitabh Bachchan Shweta Bachchan Ad Kalyan Jewellers KALYAN JEWELLERS Trust is Everything 90 SEC HINDI ad advertisement commercial tvc television #advertisement

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  1. Bathula Harshavardhan

    This Kalyan jewellers had became this much big without taking any loan from any bank? These idiots grown bcoz of banking and abusing now….. Amitab & nagarjuna u lost respect

    1. vikram sambyal

      Bathula Harshavardhan will commit suicide seeing the plight of Indian banking system and specially when ppl r nt giving recognition to banks n its staff #RIP aggrieved banking staff

  2. Kishan Prakash Shenoy

    Dear Kalyan Jewellers
    Stop projecting particular sector … change your perception about banks you people sell jewellery confine your innovative ideas only to that … all banks works well and there is good review too … stop fooling people… banks contribute India economy … your ad dosnt make any sense . Celebrity can mint money there is no business without banks help

  3. Prakash G.Shenoy

    Such an Misleading ads .. I wonder how an creativity can fall into such a level where they start criticize bank operation … without bank it’s impossible to imagine development of economy whether rich or poor they treat everyone with love and respect. .

  4. Varun Roy

    TBH if you remove the first two confrontations tthat showed banks in bad light the ad is quite good with a good msz…but I guess this is what today’s advertisement is all about . One of the prime example being the numerous ads of Patanjali products.

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