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India: Tanishq Jewellery ad pulled after ‘love jihad’ uproar

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Indian jewelry brand Tanishq has pulled an advertisement featuring an interfaith family after a massive backlash on social media. The advertisement shows a Muslim mother-in-law organizing a baby shower for her Hindu daughter-in-law. Opponents to the advertisement accused the brand of promoting so called "Love Jihad." It is a term used by right-wing Hindu groups in India who believe there's a CONSPIRACY to convert Hindu women to Islam through marriage. A Twitter user tweeted this video of the advertisement before it was pulled.


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    1. durgesh chaudhari

      @Jagsan Vasira भाई हिंदु राष्ट्र बनेगा हमारा भारत, विश्वास रखो खुद पर ओर हमारे pm per.

    1. P T

      @dragon warrior every kind of freedom ends when others’ freedom starts. Freedom of speech is misunderstood by many people like SHISHUPAL IN MAHABHARATA. It has became a fashion now a days to find faults in other’s customs and religion. If a person is so wise and really wants to use freedom then DARE TO START IS FROM OWN RELIGION. Cleanse ur own religion first then check others. No religion is without faults and good things. Analyse own religion first.
      Freedom of speech should not be used to hurt others feelings. The ways you are supporting freedom of speech same way barbaric reaction of beheading is also called freedom to react by those barbaric people. So everyone is free to do anything ? WHAT KIND OF SOCIETY WE ARE CREATING FOR OUR NEXT GENERATION? Or may be no society.

    1. P T

      Pakistan ko koi matlab nahi tum logo ki behas se fir bhi usko beech mein le hi aate ho. Thodi tarakki karo bhai . Koi apne level ka country dekho compete karne ko. Pakistan abhi busy hai apni thodi se tarakki mein.

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