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Slurp – Nazraana Jewellery TV Ad

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"The heart that gifts a diamond shines like a diamond "
Nazraana Jewellery brings affordable diamond jewellery from ₹.5,000 onwards.

Are you planning to gift a diamond Jewellery to your loved ones? – Find your Nazraana Jewellery at the nearest jewellery store. Just log on to

What is Nazraana ?
Nazraana is a Rio Tinto initiative, which introduces jewellery as an ideal gifting choice.
For more info visit – www.nazraanajewellery.com

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    1. Labanya

      @Sharath V you are probably that kind of diamond and your parents also. Par app to mil nehi rahe ho hame shaadi karne k liye… complain keu na karu??? (Joke tha) most of them are just opposite of this add thats why I said it. I totally get your point n I also believe in your thought.

    2. Sharath V

      Then why do you girls get married.
      You know theirs a problem still want to get married.

      Find someone who suits you and let the man choose his and stop complaining.

      The problem is your wrong choice

  1. Sara

    These ads of diamonds and gold only, increase frustration an imaginary world and when are diamonds, and gold, silver important in ones, life.
    It’s, most useless, thing to wear..
    What a useless obsession

  2. Chaaya Baradhwaaj

    What a beautiful story.. loved it.. this dignity is rare to find.. and precious .. what a lovely concept .. kudos to the client for accepting such a storyline – congratulations to the agency team that delivered it and blended the brand/product so well in the execution. 

  3. Akanksha Arora

    V bful concept, jewellery ads r mostly meaningful wish everyone could understand that most precious is girl who enters a new family leaving behind her own family.Give nd take is secondary issue the main thing is happy relationship b/w two families😊😊

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