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Tanishq Ad Controversy | The Problem With Selective Secularism

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The Controversial Tanishq Ad is another in a long line of ads showing selective secularism. The new "ekatvam" ad from Tanishq Jewellers shows a Hindu-Muslim wedding and caused a lot of outrage on social media. So much so, that Tanishq eventually removed the ad.

Was the ad removed because secular India is gone, and Indians don't want to see peaceful coexistence of two religions as suggested by Shashi Tharoor and Chetan Bhagat? Did Tanishq delete the ad because of the extremism of trolls?

I argue that deleting the ad had a different motivation. I also argue that it's actually the woke capitalism of companies and the selective secularism of enlightened intellectuals that is to blame for anger against such ads. Video explained in Hindi.

Such wokeness and selective secularism is the main reason for interfaith discord and mistrust.

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0:00 Tanishq Controversial Ad
1:12 Woke Capitalism
3:05 Hypocrisy Of Secular Intellectuals
7:11 Problem Of One-Sided Respect

#BoycottTanishq #tanishq #LoveJihad
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    1. Tasin Al Mahmud

      13 percent Hindus reside in my country. In every dept of public University there are atleast 3-5 hindues. Hindus migrate due to matrimony, jobs and for better future
      in India . Dont compare us with Pakistan, Afghanistan. Bangladesh is
      the most unique country of Orient

    1. Indian

      @Gitanjali Natrajan
      Let’s consider a add showing a muslim girl is married in a hindu family, and that family observing a muslim festival like eid to make that girl happy. Will you be satishfied then? At that time, there will be not any disagreement from your side? Please ask the question to youself.

    1. Sujata Agarwal

      @Javed Husain Being treated as object wait what ,😂😂😂 who is telling it 🥴🥴 dropped on foetus u have came to see LOL again an old age less aware dumb arguement about time when people weren’t educated.. talk about now Hindu women’s shining in every field and Muslim women on bed under their burqas…☺️

    2. Sujata Agarwal

      @Javed Husain And it’s a good thing that you have got real education rather than jihad and Terriosts teaching.. And LOL dowry system is sooo old now u r living in old age 😂😂😂 …Goo bomb a city first …

  1. Sanskari Kaur

    I didn’t understand the controversy regarding this ad at first but then you made some good points. Gadar movie example was good one. Also you are right if the marriage is between a hindu and a Sikh there would be no controversy… literally no one would care.

    1. Anupriya Shukla

      @Abhishek Shrevastav they are the real cancer……i think we must just make more and more people aware and educated on the topic………that will not eliminate the problem…but will surely empower everyone and definitely help with the situation..
      for example,there are kids who don’t acknowledge the fact that there is so much bias going on around hindus because they have been seeing and learning fron those one sided biased secular people…we need to teach our younger generations how beautiful and scientific our culture and religion is…..stuff like ayurveda and yoga can’t be generated in a stupid society..that shows how intelligent and science oriented our culture has always been…hinduism has been equally advanced in astronomy and astrology as well…..we need to tell them how non violent and inclusive our beliefs are,,,no wonder india has never attacked on any country first in the last 10000 years….we have just defended ourselves we never looted or tried to rule other places….infact we always accepted and loved whoever came from the outside…….and so it’s important that more and more people come to know that hinduism or hindu beliefs are not what the media is showing them…….it got a bit long but i just couldn’t control myself…

  2. TheSatySanaatan दा सत्य सनातन

    सबको पता है की सनातन धर्म में किसी तरीके से कोई भेदभाव नहीं है हमारा मानना है कि हम एक ही वृक्ष के चार टहनी है हिंदू जैन बौद्ध सिख इसलिए हमारे इतने अच्छा संबंध है हमारा एक समुदाय हमारे दूसरे समुदाय को मिटाना नहीं चाहता इसलिए हमारे समुदाय में किसी प्रकार की कोई भेदभाव नहीं की जाती

    1. syed faddy

      Beta tu abhi 16 saal ka he Md. Bin Qasim bhi 16 saal ka tha jab Bharat Versh ke Sindh desh me Arab se aaya tha Raja Dahir ka gala katne jo apni Sagi Bahan se shadi kya tha.
      Tum nhi us tarah bahadur niklo ye HINDU-MUSLIM ke jhanjhat me mt pado.
      Agar bolna he to SACH ko hi bolo.. inlogo ki tarah ‘JHOOT’ mt bolna seekho.

  3. harshad bhai

    How media interprets what Narendra Modi says:*

    Reporter:- Sir, what do you eat during Navratri?

    Modi : I only eat one single fruit in this Navratri.

    Reporter :- PM Sir; which fruit will you Eat ?

    Modi:- Papaya

    NDTV :- Breaking news …
    Modi does not like Mangoes; Banana; etc.He only eats *Papaya.*

    Surjewala :- Modi like *Papaya* means Saffron in color.
    This means Saffronisation of food choice

    Shekhar Gupta :- This means Modi is only promoting Hindutva.
    He does not like green fruits means he is against Muslims.
    This clearly shows Modi has no feelings for Muslims.

    Mamata – I will put a ban on *papaya* in Bengal.

    Rahul Gandhi:- My favorite Fruit is Banana ….I will never eat *Papaya.*

    Barkha Dutt : The nation wants to know why Modi likes *Papaya* more than other fruits .

    Mehbooba Mufti :- Modi doesn’t like kashmiri Apple.This is Modi’s tactic to usurp Kashmir. We will not allow this to happen.

    Yechuri:- Selecting an expensive fruit like *Papaya* shows Modi is pro- capitalist. We would ask for a Judicial enquiry.

    Kejriwal:- Traditionally AAM (mango) is considered the King of Fruits.
    Modi is anti aam aadmi.

    Ravish Kumar (sabse Dara hua admi) : Modi has betrayed his ugly, communal façade by declaring that he likes *Papaya.* By deliberately avoiding green guavas from the list of fruits he likes, Modi has clearly demonstrated his anti-Muslim, communal mentality. He is Polarising the nation.modi is creating darr ka mahol in a secular nation.

    Dhruv rathee: modi is a propogandist and who will eat papaya is a bhakt is a bhakt. India’s GDP is not well and modi is eating saffron papaya.

    Akash banerjee:by eating papaya modi is making india fascist as papaya is saffron in color.

    A Tweet by Rajdeep Sardesai : “Modi likes *Papaya* an Indian fruit which mean he hates Olives, the Italian fruit. This shows a narrow nationalism. These RSS people have no international taste & class”

    Mani Shankar Aiyar : Modi is a rotten *Papaya* and must therefore be immediately removed from the basket. Otherwise all Papayas in the basket will rot. A rotten *Papaya* like modi has no place in the secular, all-inclusive basket of India.

    Alpesh Thakor – मोदीजी विश्व का सबसे महंगा पपीता खाते है

    Pawan khera – मोदीजी विश्व के सबसे उच्च किस्म के पपीते से facial करवाते है.

    kanhaiya kumar – मोदीजी केवल पपीते का केसरी भाग खाते है और हरे भाग को काट कर फैंक देतें है मोदी ने देश को तोड़ दिया.

    Sadanand Dhume quoting Rupa –
    “As per an eminent economist, eating only *Papaya* can reduce consumption of other food, thus lowering Indian GDP growth by 100 basis points.”

    600 Theatre Artists, 100 Filmmakers, 103 Economists, Civil society groups and Award Wapsi brigade has issued a Combine statement urging Indians to boycott Papaya , as this fruit is damaging the unity & integrity of India.

    🤔 *This is how media interprets…* 😀🤪

  4. P S

    हिन्दू बहु : मम्मी यह रस्म तो आप के घर में होती भी नहीं
    मुस्लिम सास : हमारे घर में जो रस्म होती है ( हलाला) उसे TV पर थोड़ी ही दिखा सकते , पगली !

  5. Shrikant Nilatkar

    अगर तनिष्क में हिम्मत है तो एक और विज्ञापन बनाए जिसमें हिन्दू लड़का और मुस्लिम लडकी हो और उसको ईद के मौके पर रिलीज करें, देखो कैसा बवाल होता है। संभालना मुश्किल हो जाएगा।

  6. Maneendra gupt

    चेतन भगत को दिल्ली का राहुल राजपूत का केस याद नही आया जो वास्तविक घटना है, एड की झूठी और भ्रामक दिवास्वप्न के समर्थन में आ गये।

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